Friday, July 17, 2009

euca2ools, kmeisthax@Lappy-486.A, and other annoyances

Well, it's finally out so I can tell you all about it: euca2ools, the fabled free software EC2 API client! Unlike a certain other company's tools, these don't have onerous usage restrictions. Yes, our VMBuilder[0] already supports using it as opposed to Amazon's tools, it defaults to Euca tools then Amazon's tools. (Block the usage of either using --ec2-no-amazon-tools or --ec2-no-euca-tools, keep in mind you still need one or the other to bundle or upload.)

And another thing... I recently took a look at the git repo [0], and noticed it's littered with commits by "David Wendt (kmeisthax@Lappy-486.A)"... please ignore the screwed-up e-mail address, I reinstalled Debian and forgot to change it to my normal address. (which is dcrkid (a) yahoo () com)

[0] git://


  1. Thanks a lot for that. Looking forward to replace ec2-api-tools!

    Are there any plans to have euca2ools uploaded to Debian and Ubuntu archive?

  2. i believe it's floating in the NEW queue, there was an ITP/bugreport/request to add it submitted by my mentor